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    Our board consists of both elected and non-elected board members – chosen democratically by our members. 3 of our board (Ashley Brown, John Kimbell and Mark Trapani) also sit on the main club board.

    Our board
  • Owned By The Fans

    We are the principal shareholder in Portsmouth Football Club.  You can join us for £5 annually which will help us achieve our aims.  Click READ MORE to find out how!

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    Owned By The Fans
  • Pompey Supporters' Trust

    Our Ethos

    The PST is a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at the club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

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    Pompey Supporters' Trust
  • Paul Cook's Blue & White Army!

    Our News

    Find out what’s new at the PST.  We work closely with the club to ensure our members receive information as quickly as possible.

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    Paul Cook's Blue & White Army!

Latest News & Events

Ask Michael Eisner

Added on 28/04/2017
By PST Board

Email us your questions for us to put to Michael Eisner during the shareholder meeting next week

By PST Board

Tickets for meeting with Tornante now available

By PST Board

PST board update regarding the information/voting packs outlining the Tornante offer for Portsmouth Community Football Club

Latest Fan Blog

March's contribution to our blog by Pompey's SLO, Johnny Moore

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