Donald Vass

After becoming a shareholder in 2012, Donald became further involved in the Trust in 2015 when he joined the Youth Committee set up by former PST chairman Ken Malley. Donald was elected to the full board in 2017, and currently serves as Chair of the Trust. He is one of the PST representatives on the Heritage And Advisory Board, working alongside the club's owners and directors. Donald is also the secretary of the Tony Goodall Fans' Conference. 

Donald is a season ticket holder in the North Stand Lower and often travels to away games.

Away from football, Donald graduated with degrees from Portsmouth & Brighton University before becoming a primary school teacher. He currently works and lives in Chichester. 

Donald can be contacted at [email protected]



2023 Candidate Statement

Since being elected to the PST board in 2017, I have set about being a dedicated and committed advocate for fans, putting in the hours to give supporters a voice.

I am the secretary of the Tony Goodall Fans’ Conference, liaising with members of different supporter groups and bringing them together with the club to work constructively on a wide range of issues affecting fans. I also write the minutes for these meetings which are then published on the club website, ensuring the wider fanbase can keep up to date with what is discussed, debated and decided.

I am currently a member of the Heritage and Advisory Board, giving feedback on the club’s long term vision and strategy in regular meetings with the club’s owners. In these, I have never shied away from challenging the club’s direction when required.

Additionally, I regularly attend various meetings at the club on a range of issues including stadium redevelopment, ticketing, and policing.

For the last 18 months, my main role with the Trust has been working on the Jimmy Dickinson statue project, which is due to be completed and installed at Fratton Park in the next few months.

We are in the fortunate position of having responsible owners and directors who are willing to engage with supporters and listen to their concerns. In order to make the most of this opportunity, we must continue to have dedicated fans who will put in the hours, attend these meetings and work with the club as a ‘critical friend’ to ensure supporters are front and centre of what they do. If re-elected, I will continue working through channels such as these to ensure that the experience of fans is always top consideration when crucial decisions are made.

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