• Our Vision and Rules

About the PST

The PST is a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at the club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

Our Mission is “to be the voice for all Pompey fans, working to enhance the social, cultural and economic value of the Club to its communities”

How does the Trust differ from a Supporters club?

The PST has a unique relationship with Portsmouth Football Club by virtue of our position as the former owners of the club. 

We are

  1. Formed as a legal entity in our own right under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority
  2. Able to raise and hold money and own assets under our own name
  3. Required to have audited accounts to ensure that members’ funds are properly handled and managed
  4. Entitled to 3 seats on the club’s Heritage and Advisory Board ensuring that the club consults with the PST as representatives of Pompey Fans

A Supporters club would find it legally difficult to achieve any of the above.  The principal differences between the Trust and any supporters' club are twofold - ‘organisation' and ‘attitude'.

The Trust is set up as a Community Benefit Society. This enable legal assets to be owned ‘corporately’ as an entity in our own right rather than being the personal property of a club chairman or treasurer. In addition, our members have the benefit of limited liability. This means that our members would not have to contribute any more than they have already paid in subs, should anything go wrong.

As a Community Benefit Society, the Trust Board Members have a legal duty to act properly and to take care of the funds provided by members. The full force of the law can be applied to any Board Members that abuses that responsibility. Money that is given to the PST, whether in subs or as a donation can only be used for the purposes in our constitution.

Additionally, the Trust must comply with the Cooperative and Community Benefits Act and the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that we must have audited accounts, democratic elections to our board and an AGM.
These mechanisms ensure that members know that the money we hold is properly looked after, that there is transparency of our actions and that Board Members can be held accountable for their actions, removed by members if felt necessary or even be subject to legal action. 

Heritage and Advisory Board

Our position as former owners of the club means that we are members of the Heritage and Advisory Board, which meets 4 times a year.

The Board discusses future plans for the club, the future of the stadium, the finances of the club and any other matter that has an impact on the fans. The PST has a veto over the emotive matters of name, colours and location, and can also ask questions of the club on any matter.

This Board is informed of planned developments for the club and this gives an opportunity to give feedback on these and help steer the future of the club.

Any PST member can join the Heritage and Advisory Board by being elected to the Trust Board and then putting themselves forward as a Trust Rep.

Relationship to other fan groups

The PST is a member of the Tony Goodall Fan Conference which is a collective of the various supporter clubs, the Disabled Supporters’ Association and the Football Club itself. We collect feedback from other groups to feed into the club at the highest level, whether to the club’s Executive or to the Owners via the Heritage and Advisory Board.

We also have had representatives from other groups stand for election to our Board to ensure that the Pompey Family is working together for the best interests of all Pompey Fans.

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